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I worked from home yesterday, to give Junior a much-needed break from the endless holiday break play-dates, ski camps, and YMCA care. I got a nice break, too, when I spent a few minutes on the trampoline with him (it IS 60 degrees here in Boulder, CO after all).

During a little tramp snuggle time, we were looking up at the most beautiful tree, in the most beautiful afternoon light, when Junior asked me what the future of that tree looked like to me. I told him, “I’d like to see all the dead limbs trimmed and gone”. His future for that tree?

Mom, I’d like to see all the dead stuff grow back. It might grow back as dead, or it might grow back alive. It should be whatever it’s supposed to be!

Where does he come up with this stuff, my little trampoline philosopher?

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Junior really wanted a buzz cut.  Or so he told me.  And the barber.

So, he got one.  Then he cried.  He wouldn’t let me take an “after” picture.  Though he did claim two hours later that it was starting grow out already!

Junior gets a Buzz Cut

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T-Ball 101

Say “Hi” to Coach MaryBeth.  And no, this isn’t a life-long ambition fulfilled at last – sorry, no bucket-list check-off for this one.  It would be more appropriate to put this in the “No good deed goes unpunished” column.  Either that or “Naivete has its price”.


Who knew (we didn’t) that Little League coaches were in such short supply!  So when MaryBeth signed Junior up for Tee-Ball, she innocently checked the box on the registration form that said she would be happy to act as an assistant coach on Junior’s team.  Ha!  No other parent fell for that trap, so now we have a Coach in the family. After the shock wore off,  she realized she really was glad to help, and was looking forward to a little special Mom-Junior time.  But seriously…..the YANKEES?  Many apologies to her extended Red Sox Family…..

MaryBeth’s initial jitters about being a good coach and teaching the kids the finer points of the game quickly vaporized when it became clear that for T-Ballers, the finer points include learning which way to run around the bases.  And the fact that you have to run around the bases.  In fact it turns out that coaching T-ball is as much about herding cats (look at the huddle ball happening, far left in the video) as it is about teaching skills, though we do slip in some basic safety skills so the kids don’t get beaned by the ball…..too often.

Fortunately, 5 and 6 year olds are a little like sponges when it comes to learning new skills.  We are half-way through the season already and it is amazing to see the kids get better so quickly.  Turns out, MaryBeth is having a blast at her coaching stint.  And since there are no outs, no score is kept and all the kids get to bat each inning, everyone just gets to have fun….and there is nothing for the parents to get worked up about.  We’ll save the dreaded “Little League” parent for the distant future.  By then MaryBeth’s coaching career may have come to an end.  And if it hasn’t, she can no longer blame naivete!

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Double Dark Chocolate from Glacier – the perfect remedy for a bonk on the head!

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In one of our very first posts on this blog, we talked about Trading Kids. We put that system to the test a couple of weeks ago when Mark and I went to Steamboat for 5 days of ski heaven. Without Junior.

Before we left, I let both our Nederland friends and Junior’s preschool know that Jr. could call us any time. Since Junior now has my cell number memorized and has been pretty obsessive about using it (he called me the other night to tell me that dinner was ready….I was downstairs in the office.), I expected at least one call a day. Um….no. Not one call…at all!

Finally, I caved and called him four days into the trip. I half expected a meltdown when he heard my voice, but after we talked for 2 or 3 minutes about how much we loved and missed each other, he casually said “Did you have anything else to tell me, Mom? OK. Bye.”. Other parents might have been offended at this blatant dismissal. I prefer to think that he is simply comfortable and secure…and apparently enjoying his own vacation from his parents!

(photo courtesy of our very own Rich Seeley: www.pix2love.com)

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While the girls get along nicely in the coop that came with them, the design wasn’t quite right for this “shorter” mama. Egg collection required squeezing my entire head and left shoulder/arm into the tiny coop door while simultaneously trying not to inhale the chicken poop that was invariably on the threshold.

Enter my two handy boys, who promptly fashioned a couple of large doors on the back of the coop. While this might be a tad cooler for the chicks when we get a westerly wind, it was a necessary modification! And it makes cleaning out the nesting and roosting areas a whole lot easier!

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What do you do in the winter in Nederland, CO when the wind is howling at 50-80 miles per hour? Ski at Eldora? Only if psycotherapy isn’t working as well as you’d hoped. Curl up at your friends’ house with mug of chai and some delicious Gingersnap Cookies? Well, yeah……and you also brave those 50-80 mile per hour winds to take up a new family activity: Geocaching!

Now, maybe seeking out a cache called “Spirit of the Four Winds”, at the top of a rocky outcropping, was not our brightest move, but it sure was the most adventurous of our three finds today!

Many thanks to our dear friends for a great New Year’s adventure!

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