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Everyone has one….the dreaded junk drawer.  Well, I just pulled out the most vilest of things from ours.  Lip balm.

I’m not sure where this came from, but there it was, handy, and  organic (no petroleum!), and holding the promise to make my lips just a bit more kissable…. so I liberally slathered some on.

And proceeded to dance  around the kitched shouting “Ewwwwww!  Gross. Grody (really!)  Ewwwww. Ewwwww!” as I fought my way to the kleenex box.  And then it dawned on me just why this particular balm was so repulsive.   “I think it has PATCHOULI in it….it’s just GOT to have patchouli in it”.  To which Mark responded, “Oh yeah….I tried that the other night and it was nasty!”  Now, Mark and I share a reflexively negative reaction to all things patchouli and have gone to great lengths in our lives to avoid it (not easy living in Boulder).

Which begs two questions:  1.  How did this make it into our house, and 2. Why, when Mark tried it the other night and found it equally nasty, did he put it BACK IN THE DRAWER?

I may never know the answer to these great mysteries, but I CAN whole heartedly recommend that you avoid this particular nastiness in lip balm.  Unless you are, of course, a fan of patchouli, in which case I hope you’ll give fair warning before planting that hello kiss on my cheek!

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