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I worked from home yesterday, to give Junior a much-needed break from the endless holiday break play-dates, ski camps, and YMCA care. I got a nice break, too, when I spent a few minutes on the trampoline with him (it IS 60 degrees here in Boulder, CO after all).

During a little tramp snuggle time, we were looking up at the most beautiful tree, in the most beautiful afternoon light, when Junior asked me what the future of that tree looked like to me. I told him, “I’d like to see all the dead limbs trimmed and gone”. His future for that tree?

Mom, I’d like to see all the dead stuff grow back. It might grow back as dead, or it might grow back alive. It should be whatever it’s supposed to be!

Where does he come up with this stuff, my little trampoline philosopher?

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The DINKS are back…..

After more than 18 months’ hiatus, we’ve decided that the DINKS have been hibernating (on the web at least) for too long.  The last year has been a bit insane, with a change in jobs for MaryBeth, a whole new grade for Junior, the constant debate about whether one kid is enough (it IS, thank you very much) or if Junior should have someone to share the love, 25 nights of camping in the new popup, ski team, 2 seasons of little league, a new mountain bike for Mom, the death of a much beloved dog, an ever-growing garden, and the coming and going of three, yes 3, “wives” to help us out.

While we are not necessarily any wiser, we are older.  And we’ve decided that this blog is the best way to memorialize the happenings in our little family….heaven knows we’ll never make a scrapbook!

So….we won’t promise daily posts, or even weekly posts, but we hope you’ll subscribe, or re-subscribe, and learn a bit more about life in the world of DINKS…with Kids.

On one of our many 2010 camping adventures


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