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We’ve Hired a Wife!

So much got done while I was at work today, I can hardly believe it!  The dogs went to the vet, the dog poop got cleaned up in the yard, dry cleaning was picked up, laundry was folded, and the dishwasher emptied.  Phew!

No….I wasn’t “working from home”.  I hired a wife.  Though I suspect the politically correct term is probably “personal assistant”, “wife” is so much more precise, not to mention catchy.  

Now the only question is, “What took us so long?”.

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T-Ball 101

Say “Hi” to Coach MaryBeth.  And no, this isn’t a life-long ambition fulfilled at last – sorry, no bucket-list check-off for this one.  It would be more appropriate to put this in the “No good deed goes unpunished” column.  Either that or “Naivete has its price”.


Who knew (we didn’t) that Little League coaches were in such short supply!  So when MaryBeth signed Junior up for Tee-Ball, she innocently checked the box on the registration form that said she would be happy to act as an assistant coach on Junior’s team.  Ha!  No other parent fell for that trap, so now we have a Coach in the family. After the shock wore off,  she realized she really was glad to help, and was looking forward to a little special Mom-Junior time.  But seriously…..the YANKEES?  Many apologies to her extended Red Sox Family…..

MaryBeth’s initial jitters about being a good coach and teaching the kids the finer points of the game quickly vaporized when it became clear that for T-Ballers, the finer points include learning which way to run around the bases.  And the fact that you have to run around the bases.  In fact it turns out that coaching T-ball is as much about herding cats (look at the huddle ball happening, far left in the video) as it is about teaching skills, though we do slip in some basic safety skills so the kids don’t get beaned by the ball…..too often.

Fortunately, 5 and 6 year olds are a little like sponges when it comes to learning new skills.  We are half-way through the season already and it is amazing to see the kids get better so quickly.  Turns out, MaryBeth is having a blast at her coaching stint.  And since there are no outs, no score is kept and all the kids get to bat each inning, everyone just gets to have fun….and there is nothing for the parents to get worked up about.  We’ll save the dreaded “Little League” parent for the distant future.  By then MaryBeth’s coaching career may have come to an end.  And if it hasn’t, she can no longer blame naivete!

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The Farmers’ Market farmers must be torn this spring. On the one hand, this early rain and snow makes for good crops. On the other, it can mean teeny tiny turnouts for Market.

While last week’s snow kept all but the hardy (yay DINKS) away….


…..today’s rain barely fazed the crowds!

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Double Dark Chocolate from Glacier – the perfect remedy for a bonk on the head!

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Spice with Style

Shame on us….shame on us!  Nearly 2 months since our last post on DINKS. I’ll not bother to make excuses.  Better to just….post!

Spice Rack

For those of you who have ever visited our humble abode (which we now OWN, by the way), you’ll know that ours is a one-fanny kitchen.  To make that work, you’ve either got to be terribly organized and space-efficient, or you simply, well, embrace the chaos.  For the last 15 months of tenant-ship, chaos has been our default position, but now that we own the joint, we might as well make the most of our tiny space.


One of my biggest kitchen pet peeves has been my “spice bucket” – a white rubbermaid with every spice bottle, box, and baggie I own thrown inside, all willy-nilly-like.  Expletives flew each time I needed to find that &%## yellow mustard container!

Enter the wall-mounted spice rack.  Not your ordinary wooden-country-kitchen rack, but a sleek, brushed, modern, magnetic one, with neatly labeled tins! Oh…..how Martha!

Spice Tins

This all started with a birthday shpping spree at “Savory”, “Oliv You and Me”, “Rebecca’s Apotehcary”, and “McGukin Hardware”, and ended with some fine power drill work by Mark the Handyman.  If you’re a local, I highly recommend paying visits to these wonderful stores to get everything you need to make your own rack, even if you have a 3-fanny kitchen! (Handyman not included!)


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