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I was one bad-ass bike commuter two weeks ago, when Boulder got its first REAL snowstorm. Actually “bad ass” probably more sums up what my, well, ass felt like after I hit a patch of ice on the bike path and proceeded to “turtle” on my backside until both bike and I were stopped courtesy of a snow bank.

Nice to look at, but this storm really put a damper on my commuting enthusiasm.

Enter Schwalbe. As in snowtires. Which my sister promptly reminded me couldn’t be much different than car snowtires — useless unless studded. She thought she was making a good point until I informed her that my new Schwalbes ARE studded.

So far, so good with the new studs, but I still put the brakes on at sub zero temps.

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Chicken Run!

Alrighty then…..since my friend Megan referred to me as her “over-achieving friend”, I’d better get started achieving something. I have a lot of blogging to get caught up on. Like, since Thanksgiving. I haven’t even posted about my fantastic rendition of turkey pot pie! Or my death-defying ice-ride on the Xtracycle. Or Gingerbread House III. Or….the chickens!

Given that the pot-pie was baked over a month ago, I think I will jump back on the blogging wagon with more recent events.

Yes, I did say chickens. As in, we adopted 4 from a man in Aurora who found out after the fact that Aurora frowns upon urban chickens. My friend Rebecca called me on a Monday with her friend’s dilemma, knowing how I have lately been pining for chickens. I didn’t even hesitate….by later that afternoon, I had a pick-up time arranged with the chicks’ owner, a U-haul reserved (big coop), and yes, I did remember to ask Mark if he was OK with the whole chicken idea.

We’ve had our 4 new chickens for about 1 month now, and except for the bitterest of CO winter days, the girls have been providing 2-3 eggs per day. Junior declared the first fried egg “the best egg I’ve ever had in my whole life!”

Stay tuned for more chicken tales….we’ve got lots of coop modifying to do, and are planning to add 6-10 hens to our family in the spring!

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