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The 3 Most Important Rules of Mountain Biking:

1. Look where you WANT to go.
2. Speed is your friend.
3. No whining.

Today was Junior’s first real Mountain Bike Ride. Complete with rocks, sand, water bars, emergency stops for caterpillar crossings, and visions of the Emergency Room dancing in Mom’s head. In short, it was serious fun (and one of my Top 5 Mom Moments).

We’ve ridden this trail before, while Junior was still sporting training wheels, but we always had to stop where the pavement ended, because his training wheels created the equivalent of a really scenic stationary trainer as soon as we hit single track. Not today….. Junior rode dirt like he was born to it.

We conquered about 3.5 miles of single and double track today, which on top of his 9 miles of paved trail riding yesterday, made for a pretty active weekend. And when energy started to wane, Junior simply called on his buddy Speed….he IS your friend, after all:

“Hey Speed, Let’s GO!”

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I rarely feel the need to share “brilliant child” stories, but what the heck, I’ll make an exception. Just this once. Really.

A few nights ago at dinner, I made roasted peaches for dessert. Junior wanted 2 peaches, but we try to discourage outright gluttony in our house, unless oatmeal raisin cookies are involved. So I told Junior he could only have 1, just like Mom and Dad were. He insisted on 2, so Mark told him he could have 2 – 2 whole halves. Without missing a beat, Junior insisted on 4 whole halves. “Why,” I asked. He immediately replied, “So I can have 2 whole peaches”.

Not bad for a 4 1/2 year old. It’s also revealing….we won’t be able to pull the wool over Junior’s eyes for much longer!

Roasted Peaches
Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees
Blanch and peel peaches
Cut in half and remove pits
Place peaches cut side up in a baking dish
Dot peaches with butter and a little sugar (brown or white)
Bake 20-30 minutes or until super-soft
Serve 2 whole halves per person, accompanied by vanilla ice cream!


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