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Greetings and Welcome to our blog: DINKS…with kids!

If the irony of the title is lost on you then most of what we have to say won’t be of interest either. Facebook might be more to your liking.

About us:

We are a professional couple living in the Rocky Mountain region (you know, the “other” time zone never mentioned on TV: “Tonight at 9 pm Eastern and Pacific, 8 pm Central” – no mention of the Mountain time zone.) We share our house with two dogs and one, so far, child. The dogs are at least as much work as the kid given that even after 11 years they can’t yet feed themselves and have the dietary/medical regime of any nursing home resident.

We’re a bit flinty with the dollar but aren’t hesitant to spend on a good deal. We take time researching many of the products we buy so that we can move quickly when we see a good product at a good price (we can buy a house in 15 minutes if we are up to speed on the market). You’ll be hearing lots about what and why we purchase. We prefer to make our own meals whenever we can, but the realities of professional life and parenthood sometimes make that hard. We’ve researched and found a good alternative to a homemade meal that we’ll talk about soon.

We spend quite a bit of time sourcing our personal food supply. Yes we have a garden, but that’s not enough. We prefer local, organic and minimally processed alternatives because the alternative of eating sugar-laden corn infused (they don’t call it “high fructose corn syrup” for nothing) foods where neither ingredient belongs is just not too appealing. Food processing is clearly an example of “less really is more”.

We were DINKS for a longer time than most so as older parents with a younger kid we have a perspective that is both warped by the relative freedom of the childless and constantly up for review. Spending many years as professionals before the dawn of parenthood has helped us to recognize the difference between the important and the urgent and maintain the delicate balance between them.

It has also given us the perspective to look at some current trends in parenthood and realize that if a) our parents would never have stood for that; b) we did it and didn’t die, or c) we couldn’t tie our shoes at that age let alone do what is asked of kids today;then whatever the fad/crisis of the parenting world is at the moment, it too shall pass.

We’re normal adults. We exercise less than we should. And our house is populated with a variety of kitchen gadgets that many people have had at one time or another. We just happen to use them. Sometimes even for their intended purpose. If you, like us, bought an electric juicer so that you could eat every part of every vegetable for your health only to end up longing for strong coffee and a Danish, do not despair. Think not of that juicer as New Year’s Resolution gone bad – think of it as the first step to a great Margarita. The juicer quickly devours the jumbo bag of limes from Costco. No cheap Margarita mix for you!

So, what is this blog about? Life. You’ll hear about things we’ve done, researched, experienced, bought or thought. Like we said, Life. Surely we’ll discuss life with kids.

(And… in case you weren’t born until after Ronald Reagan left office, “DINK” is short for “Dual Income No Kids”.)

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